VEHICLE DIAGNOSES: Engines, Transmissions, ABS

Of all the technological advances
in the automotive sector over the decades, one of the most beneficial to consumers and auto technicians alike has been the computerization of the car’s components. Using specialized software, car diagnostic tools quickly and accurately point to problem areas in a car’s engine or elsewhere, thanks to built-in processors, microchips and sensors.

AETS surround itself with multiple diagnosis machines that give us the edge to detect vehicles problems with the speed of light.


The workshop is centrally located and attends to about 500 vehicles annually.
The department has major and quick service sections with 41 working bays; our regular routine includes Engine diagnosis, Exhaust gas analysis, Periodic maintenance, General electronic and engine mechanical repair works, brakes, suspension, body panel and spray painting etc.
Our Automotive software systems and international affiliations, universal test instruments and repair equipments give us the confidence to carry out repair and periodic maintenance in conformity with manufactures recommendation across the globe.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality workmanship - ensuring we do the job right first time, every time. Our mobile workshop (Team/Van) is fully- equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools not just for a breakdown service – but also to offer convenient and competitively priced vehicle servicing and fleet maintenance at your door step, these services include:
• Car servicing
• Car repair
• Fleet maintenance
• Diagnostics
• Pre Purchase Inspection


Our body repair and spray systems is an ultra modern centre of excellence, covering more than 4046 square meters workshop space and with the most advanced auto collision repair system and spray booth.
Our FM2500 series auto body alignment system, collision and frame repair systems, dent pulling and carbon dioxide arc welding machines ensure high quality repair of accidents or collision. These equipment are suitable for automobile body shaping, maintenance, and repair of cars, SUV, microbuses, light and heavy trucks, Characterized by accuracy.
With vehicle spray system, Every finishing operation is different, and requires different spray technology and approach. At AETS, we understand the complexities and intricacies of spray works for a variety of vehicles, and can help you to determine the best finishing on your vehicle by patronising in our spray services.


AETS has a modern automotive spare parts unit that stock genuine spare parts, chemicals and lubricants of good quality and under warranty, mainly imported from United States of America Germany and Japan, to offer our customers flexible cost effectiveness that they deserve.
This department compliments our core mandate to provide quick service delivery by cutting down unnecessary delays in parts acquisition and supplies to the workshop and the general public.


AETS Believes that vehicle maintenance management systems are to be studied and determined from an engineering point of view, base on vehicle system structures and conditions under which they are to be diagnosed, repair and used.
We have already completed a state-of-the art training facility and designed modules which make real difference in the lives of participants. We have so far trained hundreds of participants since its inception in Febuary, 2016. Our training workshops are carefully designed to include modules that are critical and relevant to the Ghanaian industry context with focus on Automotive Technicians, Mechanics and Drivers.
Our facilitators are both technically competent and experienced in teaching. Our training methods combine the use of multimedia presentations, practical illustrations, do-it-yourself sessions, and simulations. This is designed to ensure that all participants acquire real practical knowledge.


OUR TRAINING MODULES: AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN / DRIVER TRAINING a. The Automotive Mechanic / Technician Training Programme is specifically designed for technicians in the industry who require up to date skills to be able to handle the latest technology in engine management system (EMS). Participants are to be exposed to the operations of the electronic and electrical components of the EMS – sonsors, relays, actuators and the engine control unit. This exposure would equip participants to make proper diagnosis and troubleshoot all malfunctioning related to the EMS.
b. Central to defensive driving is an appropriate knowledge of the systems of a car by drivers. An understanding of the systems of a car would help drivers to make the best decisions concerning safety. Advancement in technology has brought about cars that are equipped with many sophisticated warning systems. An appropriate knowledge of car systems would help drivers distinguish between safety related warnings and other warnings. It will also equip drivers with the basic skills of troubleshooting in emergency situations.
These courses leverage the unique experience and expertise of AETS in vehicle maintenance to place emphasis on equipping technicians and drivers with knowledge of car systems and preventative maintenance techniques.
All the modules are covered by classroom lecture sessions supported by multimedia presentations, practical illustrations, do-it-yourself sessions, and simulations.
Customised training sessions for cooperate Drivers or Technicians can be offered at a suitable times and venues.